5 Types of Content to Post on Facebook


Most brands realize the importance of having a solid social media presence but getting your digital marketing right isn’t always as easy as it might initially appear. With that in mind, this article aims to focus on Facebook. We’ll discuss the five best types of content to post to make your Facebook page grow.


1. Short video content

Video content can perform exceptionally well on Facebook. However, don’t be tempted to post a link to your latest YouTube offering, especially if that video is lengthy. To take advantage of the strategy here, you want to publish your videos natively to Facebook itself.

Remember, users don’t always have a lot of time, so short videos work best. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will have sound on and may be browsing on a mobile device. Therefore, if you optimize for mobile and include subtitles, you will find more success. Pro-tip, if you cannot create your own video content, consider sharing videos from others to your page that are relevant to your brand and strategy.


2. Facebook Live

Anyone who spends time online will realize how popular online streaming has become, from YouTube to Twitch. However, Facebook was also early to take advantage of online streaming when it launched Facebook Live. As mentioned, video content performs well on this platform, but live video content performs even better.

Therefore, think about what your business can do to leverage Facebook Live to your advantage. Keep in mind that this strategy works best if you can use it regularly. So, you should aim to do Facebook Live once a week if you can. Some things that work best here include Q & A sessions, tips, and tutorials, and streaming live events. As ever, think outside the box, and you will find something that works.


3. Engaging images

Whether you can take advantage of the video approach or not, engaging images are the next best thing. Think about how you can use this approach to your advantage. For example, image content can be great to promote your latest blog post or an event that’s coming up.

When it comes to images, be prepared to do some editing and optimize the sizing for Facebook. You don’t want it to look like your image was designed for Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Also, you can combine this strategy with the point on Facebook Live, for example, to advertise the next session. There are various sources of royalty-free images, and you can make things even more personal by making your own if you choose to do so.


4. Competitions

Facebook is an excellent place to start your next competition. Depending on your aims, you can get a lot out of a contest. For example, you can use it to boost the number of likes on your page, traffic to your website, or to get one of your products talked about. If you want to take things a step further, you can even get your audience involved by submitting their images, for example.

Whatever your aim is, though, you want to ensure your next competition creates buzz around your brand. If your objective is to increase your page’s reach beyond its current audience, you could consider requiring users to share your competition image to enter the competition. Also, you could use Facebook Ads to boost the reach of the competition. Remember the other rules; you want to create engaging video or image content to promote your contest.


5. Questions and polls

Whenever you are creating social media content, it’s crucial to keep your audience firmly in mind. If you are talking to yourself on social media, then you are probably failing to do that. Create the content your audience wants rather than the content you want to share. However, it’s crucial to learn more about your audience before you can do that. Part of that process starts with using Google Analytics and analytics from social media sites.

The other part happens within your content and how users respond to it. Remember to ask questions of your audience in your posts; this will encourage comments in response. Try this strategy if your Facebook content doesn’t get much response. Second, try running user polls every once in a while; you will learn where the majority opinion lies. Of course, this may reinforce what you already know, but you will also almost certainly learn something new.

Facebook is a versatile social media site that the majority of brands can be successful on. However, it can be more challenging than it initially appears, and it’s crucial to post the right type of content. Therefore, this article has provided some pointers in the right direction. So, remember to post video content, use Facebook Live, engaging images, run competitions, polls, and ask your audience questions.

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