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In any type of relationship – business or personal – communication is the key to success. It ensures that each party in the relationship is able to express themselves and there is never a question as to what is happening at any given moment. When it comes to business relationships, the communication does not conclude when the job is completed. Even after you have finished the work, it is important to stay in contact with your clients and make sure that they are still satisfied with your service.
However, busy landscaping companies like yours probably do not have the time or energy to dedicate to following up with clients when you have new customers who need your immediate attention. This is where marketing automation comes in. Automation can also apply to potential clients who are just finding your website and are looking for more information. You certainly would not want to ignore them or mistakenly forget to respond to their inquiries, so automation allows you to respond immediately.

Modern communication technology has transformed the previous tried and true methods of newspapers, billboards, television and radio commercials, and phone calls to emails and text messages. Individuals are far more likely to pay attention to an email or text message than they would to something on TV, the radio, or passing by as they drive work. Whether it is an initial contact email or a promotional message about a new sale or special you are running, automating your marketing techniques is a great way to communicate with your clients without having to take the time to send individualized emails and messages to every person who has visited your website or sent an inquiry.

You know how important it is to stay in contact with your clients and begin to cultivate new relationships with potential customers, and text messaging provides a quick and easy way to do so. Whether you have met these people in person or they have signed up online for your messaging program, sending automated text messages is a great way to send pre-written carefully crafted messages to everyone on your contacts list. You can use automated text messaging to:

  • offer potential customers help with their landscaping needs and inquiries
  • remind them of your previous interactions (and who you are/what company you work for), if you have already met or spoken to them
  • follow up with conversations you had
  • provide landscaping tips that may be relevant for their home and yard
  • let them know what your landscaping specialties are
  • send a holiday greeting
  • and many other useful updates


With text messages, you can send quick and effective communications to your clients and make sure they keep you in mind for their landscaping needs or to recommend you to their friends and family.

Automated email is a great tool to utilize in your strategy because it allows you to send emails out in a structured way. For instance, when new potential customers subscribe to your newsletter, blog, or email campaigns for the first time, you can set up an automated email response which welcomes that person, helps them navigate to the information they are most interested in, and provides them a way to communicate with you directly, if necessary.
Automated email responses allow you to send that welcome email, acknowledge the importance of the new subscriber, and remind them of all the great things your landscaping business can offer. Likewise, you can set up automated reminder emails to clients who have subscribed or have asked for more information. People receive lots of emails every day, so it is important that your emails do not get lost in the cracks. The reminder emails can be sent at a particular interval so as not to annoy your customer with too many emails but also to keep you in the front of their minds.

One of our primary goals at Landscapers Web Marketers is to focus on nailing follow-ups and increasing leads to ensure a positive ROI. With a solid email marketing strategy which includes effective marketing automation, you will see that increase in leads which convert to sales. Crafting the right emails and text messages for your target audience and providing your customers with the appropriate links to connect with you is going to have the most impact for your overall digital marketing campaign.

SEO, PPC, social media presence and advertising, and great website design can positively affect your online presence, so it is also important that you pair your SEO strategy with a solid email marketing and text messaging campaign as well. Contact our digital marketing experts at Landscapers Web Marketers to help you find and stay connected with your clients while you see a positive return on investment and you will continue to succeed online.

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