The Best Types of Content to Post on Pinterest


Most brands now realize the importance of having a strong social media presence, but it’s crucial to know which types of content to post. Pinterest is an excellent platform for visual content, but it can also be complicated. We offer the following tips on the content that performs best on the platform.


1. Inspirational quotes

Whatever sector your brand is in, quotes are a safe option. Ideally, it’s best to tie them into your industry. However, if that becomes too difficult, posting the best-known quotes is a good option that should see your Pinterest profile grow.

Remember, you can share content from other Pinterest users on your most relevant board, find quotes online and create your own. As ever, you should strike the right balance between original content and sharing posts from others. Quotes are great, but don’t overdo them, because they should only be one part of the content you share.


2. Infographics

Infographics present an innovative approach to displaying information and data. However, they need to be posted somewhere for maximum exposure. The excellent news is Pinterest is the perfect site to upload your infographics.

Although putting your infographics together can be time-consuming, the impact can be significant for your Pinterest profile. This social media site is perfect for this type of content because the image dimensions usually fit perfectly, and you can add it to your most relevant Pinterest board.


3. Blog post graphics

All websites need quality content, but it can be hard to ensure it gets read without the right promotional strategy. Therefore, blog graphics are necessary to post across various social media sites. Sometimes it’s possible to create these within the content itself, which you can pin directly to Pinterest.

However, you can also create the graphic and upload it to Pinterest, including the link back to the content. Pinterest can direct a lot of traffic back to your website in this way if you get it right. Your success will be even higher if your content covers one of Pinterest’s most popular categories, such as fashion, food or fitness.


4. Product Examples

If you’re selling products, sharing photos of your products are very effective. You can show your product in a variety of ways, including staged photos or photos of your product in use. If you’re staging some photos of your product, make sure to take notice of the lighting. Your product should be clear and not in any shadows. Don’t have strong shadows around your product either. You may need to setup several lights to avoid this.

To showcase your product in use, make sure the item is well positioned in the image. Don’t use photos where it is hard to see your product. For example, if you sell custom shirts, make sure the image showcases the shirt, that the shirt is close enough in the photo to see the detail of the design, but still incorporate some of the person wearing the shirt and the surrounding area. Don’t zoom in too close so that only the design is showing. The more natural the photo looks, the more attention it will garner.


5. Fitness tips

As mentioned, Pinterest can be more relevant to some brands than it is to others. For example, health and fitness content tends to perform exceptionally well on the platform. For this reason, fitness bloggers and wellness brands tend to be active on the site.

Therefore, if this is relevant to your brand, it’s good to share health and fitness content. Remember, there is a wide range of what you can share in this area, from fitness tips to quotes to full meal and exercise plans. Decide what is most relevant to your brand and create a suitable Pinterest board to pin your updates.


6. Recipe ideas

Pinterest is a superb platform to share food and recipe ideas. Food is such a vast area that you can include everything from healthy options to occasional treats. Remember to get the balance right between original content and sharing pins from others.

Your brand may be able to grow fast on the platform to focus on niche ideas that have a wide following, such as vegan food. If you are a fitness brand, this will combine very well with fitness tips and motivational quotes. Of course, it’s a great idea to tie all of your content together if that’s possible.

The majority of brands now need to be active on social media, but digital marketing success is never as straightforward as it may initially appear. Pinterest is one of those platforms that provide excellent rewards but can seem complicated when you are new to it. It’s essential to post a lot of content across at least 10-15 boards to succeed. The preceding article has looked at some of the best content to share, so remember to focus on quotes, infographics, blog post graphics, product showcases, fitness tips, and/or recipe ideas depending on your business type.




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