8 Types of Content Marketing Videos People Will Want to Watch


A statista.com survey found that the average internet user will spend more than one hour every day in 2021 watching online videos. That statistic may at first seem to be unbelievable. But then, according to Digital Information World, most consumers also now spend at least six hours a day online. So, perhaps that statistic makes more sense than it does at first glance.

The truth is that video is now everywhere, and it’s not just in the entertainment field that video is the number one medium. Videos are embedded in news articles, product descriptions, and social media. And YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine.

Yet, many businesses shy away from producing original video content. And one of the reasons that some companies avoid creating videos is that they have yet to recognize the vast array of suitable topics for video content. So, here are some topic ideas to get you started on your first video content marketing campaign. These are content marketing videos that your target audience will want to watch.


1. Interviews

Face-to-face interviews are an excellent way of giving the audience a one-to-one experience with an authoritative figure. And these types of videos provide a perfect opportunity to demonstrate a brand’s authority in its field.

There are plenty of choices of guests you could select for an interview. For example, you could interview a well-respected influencer in your market. Or you could interview someone from within your organization, like the Chief Executive Officer or the Product Manager.

Interviews will need to be run with a set of guidelines for the guest but should not be scripted. And it would be best if you asked questions about topics that matter to your audience. You will also need an interviewer who can keep the interview on course and extract the most interesting information from the interviewee.

Interview videos are relatively cheap and easy to produce. And with a little bit of planning, you can create a series of interviews to keep visitors coming back for more. Furthermore, if you invite external interviewees, your guest may share the video on their channels and give your content more exposure.


2. Presentations

Any presentations at company events can provide a source of material for content marketing videos. For example, you could make a video of your next product launch or a presentation at a user day or networking event. And, if any members of the team are guest speakers at other organization’s events, this too could provide you with content for a video.

Videoing presentations allows you to share the event with people who couldn’t get to the event and a wider audience. Some types of video presentations can also be used as a sales tool. And, of course, videos can be used over and over again. So, you can increase the return on investment on your events.


3. Testimonials

Written testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. But, when you produce a testimonial video, you take this persuasive format to the next level. And nothing overcomes objections better than a real-life customer answering those awkward questions for you.

There are so many topics that you can cover in a customer testimonial video. For example, why did the customer choose your product, and what benefits have they gained? What about customer service and aftercare?

Reach out to satisfied customers to see if they might be willing to make a video for you. You might be surprised at how many want their fifteen minutes of fame. You could also encourage people to create testimonial videos by offering incentives like discounts.

Almost 90% of consumers say they place as much trust in customer reviews as personal recommendations. And video reviews are far more effective than written ones. So, a few genuine customer testimonials could be all that it takes to close a sale with some prospects.


4. Product Reviews

Influencer reviews of your products are different from customer reviews because they provide third-party, independent verification. So, you must be prepared to accept that the reviewer’s opinion may not be 100% positive. However, even if there is some minor criticism in the review, some negative comments will make the video more genuine.

Product review videos are popular, and many people rely on them to help them make their buying decisions. And, if the influencer has a large following, a review video will be great for brand awareness.

To gain video product reviews, you will need to reach out to the influencers and vloggers in your niche. In most cases, all the reviewers will want in return is the product shipped to them free.


5. Behind the Scenes

Whether it is out of genuine interest in the brand or merely being inquisitive, people love a peek behind the scenes. So, videos that show what goes on in the production facilities and the back offices of companies always attract attention.

Behind-the-scenes videos allow brands to showcase their corporate culture. They give customers and prospects a chance to put faces to names. Plus, these videos show the human side of a business, which most people are looking for today.

It is best to have a purpose for each behind-the-scenes video you produce. For example, a meet the team video could highlight the qualifications and experience of employees. A video explaining how a product is manufactured could emphasize quality control. However, behind-the-scenes videos need to look as natural as possible. So, it would be best to avoid making videos that are too obviously staged.


6. Vlogging

Content marketing videos do not always need to have the production quality of a Hollywood blockbuster. Indeed, people have become used to watching amateur videos of all kinds on YouTube and other platforms. So, you could produce vlogs with little more than a smartphone and cheap camera that would engage the audience and be widely shared.

A corporate vlog could document the development of a new product, production facility, or other projects. You could produce a series of vlogs documenting a day in the life of various employees.

The great thing about a series of vlogs is that one leads onto the next. So, there is always a reason for viewers to tune in next week or month. Vlogs are another excellent opportunity to showcase the human side of a brand.


7. Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to gain people’s trust and demonstrate your expertise. And remember, tutorials do not always have to be about your products. You can also produce more general tutorials around the niche in which you operate.

Tutorials and how-to videos provide you with the opportunity of delivering value to your target audience without asking for anything in return. So, this soft-sell form of video marketing is excellent for brand awareness and building a loyal following.

Product tutorials also demonstrate your commitment to your customers and showcase your products too. Showing people how to use your product could also reduce customer queries and support calls.


8. Webinars

Webinars combine the immediacy of a live event with the longevity of a content marketing video. In the first place, you can ask people to sign up to watch the webinar, which will add some new names to your mailing list. Then, you can later republish a video recording of the event on your blog and YouTube and send a copy to subscribers.

Webinars can take many formats, some of which are discussed above. For example, you could host live questions and answer sessions, interviews, panel debates, product demonstrations, and tutorials.



The above are only eight of the video content marketing possibilities. There are many other formats and variations of these ideas that you could use. The critical thing to remember is that video is becoming what people expect to see on websites. And it is a potent marketing medium. What’s more, it is possible to produce professional-quality videos for a modest price. So, next time you are wondering what to create next for your content marketing campaign, don’t just think about blog posts; think about videos, too.

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