7 Effective Ways to Communicate with Your Employees


Your company’s success is significantly determined by being on the same page with your employees. Therefore, you need to communicate with them frequently to support their well-being and improve productivity. However, with different communication means available, it is vital to know those that can work for you. Here are seven effective ways to communicate with your employees.


Improve Your Communication Skills

One of the crucial qualities every leader should have is excellent communication skills. For this reason, you should improve yours by taking lessons and practicing continuously. You need to learn how to manage your emotions, as it will help you communicate with your team professionally in all situations.

It is also important to know how to present a clear and concise message. An employee should not be confused by or misunderstand your message.

In addition, learning how to actively listen is a part of upgrading your communications skills. Your non-verbal signals should show an employee you are interested in the conversation. If you don’t understand something, you should ask questions. This will help you support your employees better. It is essential to take some time before offering suggestions, especially if it’s intricate issue.


Face to Face Meetings

Employers who meet their employees face to face can attest that it helps significantly. You can use daily meetings, before the start of the day, to inform the team about their progress and areas that need improvement. You will also discuss that particular day’s goals and how they can achieve them. Go round the room taking suggestions, as this will enhance trust and engagement.

During monthly meetings, you can take your employees through the profits and losses reports to come up with future strategies. You can also use these meetings to appreciate your employees and reward those who performed well.

Employee rounding is another type of face-to-face meeting. You can take a few employees for coffee or meet with them in your office to learn more about them. This gives you a chance to build a good relationship with each of the employees, making them feel valued. Rounding can increase employee satisfaction because one-on-one discussions have a high probability of boosting their morale.


Connect with Your Remote Employees

If you have remote employees, you need to develop strategies to make them feel part of the company. Most remote employees usually claim they lack a sense of belonging, which can be injurious to a business. Hence, you need to reach out to them frequently to keep them engaged.

You should include them in meetings using video communication platforms. Also, you should send them informative emails to keep them updated about the company. Additionally, it is effective to use reliable collaborative software to create an online office area where you can provide them with feedback and acknowledge their good work.

You can use different activities to make the online office fun. For instance, you can post quizzes or fun facts to initiate conversations. Some employers hold virtual trivia nights with remote workers, and they have proved effective at improving engagement. When your remote team feels appreciated and part of the company, they will be more satisfied.


Give and Ask for Feedback

Feedback is crucial in business growth. Hence, you should give your employees feedback regularly. A significant percentage of employees can disengage when they are not provided with feedback. However, it is essential to learn the best ways to give feedback to get fruitful results.

First, your feedback should start with a positive note before you give the negative feedback. But you should not put the correction between two praises, as it can confuse the employee and undercut your feedback. Ensure that you are specific on what should be corrected. Is it their report writing skill, time management, or problem-solving capabilities?

Furthermore, offer suggestions on how they can improve in such areas. Remember, employees usually try their best, thus you should be empathic and respectful when providing feedback. Also, keep the discussion private, whether it’s praise or corrective feedback.

Feedback should also be conversational. You need to give the receiver a chance to respond to your feedback and ask questions.

Moreover, you should ask for feedback from your team too to gauge if your strategies are working. Since your employees have firsthand experience with your approaches, they can tell you those that are working and those that aren’t.

Besides, feedback can help you know the factors that are causing stress to your staff. As a result, you can introduce friendly tactics that improve employee productivity and performance. Ensure that you are always welcoming so that your team can give you any feedback without fear.


Write Informative Emails

Vague emails can be misleading, so you should take time before sending emails to your employees. Confirm that the message is clear, without spelling or grammar mistakes. Long messages with a lot of technicalities can be difficult to understand, thus you should keep your emails short.

If you want to send sensitive information, such as shift changes, via email, you should notify your employees before they leave the office. This way, they will be waiting for it.


Keep your Employees Connected

Your employees need to communicate with each other to have dependable teamwork. Therefore, you should create a central online platform where they can connect. They will share ideas and update each other through these platforms. It also gives you a channel to pass a message to all of them at once.


Communicate with Leaders

When leaders communicate effectively, they can connect with employees easily. Nothing is as confusing as two leaders giving conflicting information. Consequently, it is vital to meet with the managers, supervisors, or team leaders often to ensure they lead employees in the same direction.


Communicating with employees efficiently is crucial for every business. It can increase employee motivation, satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. All these aspects can help you take your business to the next level. The tips discussed above can allow you to communicate with your employees competently.

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