Tips on Improving the Readability of Your Email Marketing Content

Tips on Improving the Readability of Your Email Marketing Content


You want your email marketing content to stand out and grab the attention of recipients. However, this task can seem difficult due to the volume of emails that are sent out daily. You can follow some simple tips on improving the readability of your email marketing content so that recipients open your emails, read the entire content, and complete the call to action (CTA).

Create a Succinct Message

You must write content that is concise and meets the needs of today’s busy consumer. With emails, less is more. Your readers won’t have the patience to read long emails that only waste their time. In this digital age, you need to understand that your readers are used to reading shorter articles online and posting and reading short social media posts, and are constantly inundated with information all day long.

Create more readable emails by getting rid of the fluff and quickly arriving at the point so your readers know that you value their time. You don’t want to waste it by overwhelming them with needless information. Write the email content at an eighth-grade reading level and stick to shorter sentences, so the readers see more white space in the email. If you write extra long paragraphs, that can quickly overwhelm the readers and they’ll likely stop reading–which would hinder you from reaching your goal of getting the reader to complete the call to action (CTA).

Stay Focused on the Main Idea

Don’t start rambling when writing your email marketing content. If you drone on in your writing, you’ll quickly lose the attention of the reader. You want the reader to stay on track with what you’ve written so they can easily understand your point and follow through with clicking your link or sharing the information on social media.

Consider using a lightbox, block quote text, or highlighted content so you can help the readers stay focused on your main point. You should reference your main idea throughout the email content. However, highlighting it in a featured manner can keep your reader on point with you.

While you’re writing content that remains consistent on a central focus, make sure you help your readers understand how they will benefit from following through on the call to action (CTA). For example, offer referral points if they share the email content on their social media accounts. Offer the reader a 15% discount if they subscribe to your newsletter. Just remember that the more you stay on focus in your email content, the easier it will be for your recipients to understand your message.

Use Online Tools to Check Readability

After you’ve written email content that has a succinct message and stays focused on your main idea, use online tools to check for readability. Do an online search to find free readability checkers like the ones found at Readability Formulas, Text Compare, and Word Calculator.

With these readability checkers, you input your content and receive a score on how readable it is and identify the current reading level. This will be helpful so you can ascertain whether or not your email content will positively impact the recipients on your email list or if the content is too convoluted to be easily understood.

Think About Your Readers

The bottom line is that you must always focus on how your readers will receive your email content. Don’t get caught up in delivering your message that you forget to think about how you are delivering it. By following the three basic tips outlined in this article, you can improve the way that you write email marketing content and how it is received by your recipients.

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