3 Marketing Message Fundamentals For Landscaping Businesses



Growth is one of the main pain points for any landscaping, hardscaping or home services business owner. But if you use the right tools, have the right marketing fundamentals in place it can happen in less time than you think. Discover how having the right market, message and media can elevate your level.

So now we’re going to talk about the fundamentals. The Fundamentals: There’s three elements.

Figure Out Your Market/Avatar(s)

First one is the Market or who and what we call the Avatar and there might be multiple avatars for your business again, if you’re you know commercial doing maintenance, that’s one Avatar versus if you’re doing Project work building a you know, custom fire pit and backyard. That’s a whole different avatars. We need to determine who your avatar is and then we need to determine the message for those avatars. We can’t do the message without the market, without knowing who. So we’re going to just discuss those and dive into those a little bit here. In order to update your marketing message, and that’s what we want to do right now is we need to determine who your ideal customer is and again this may be more than one.

So who’s your ideal customer Avatar? We have demographics and there’s some samples here and it may be a little bit different in your and your geographical Market, but obviously, you know homeowner, you know, 35 years and older 60% male married with kids or grandkids, you know hundred thousand annual income their family oriented likes Outdoors. There’s a suburbs they want to keep up with the Joneses. So you need to kind of dial in who the demographic is for whichever Avatar that you’re trying to focus on.

Then the other thing is pains and frustrations, you know, what does this ideal customers pain or frustrations? And the reason why you want to think about this is because you’re going to try to solve these for them, you know their backyards in a dire need of being redone or they can’t get a landscaping company on the phone or return their call they’re too busy to deal with it on their own. They don’t have the creativity or they don’t have the skills, equipment, tools to do the right job, right? So those are some pains and frustrations, then you have fears and implications and then goals and desires. Fear: They fear being ripped off or overcharged or having damage done because of faulty workmanship or having to wait around for crews or inconvenienced. Bill more than what they can afford. So you want to determine what kind of fears that this Avatar is looking at.

Then you have goals and desires. You know, what goals and desires would your ideal customer have? Are they wanting to get the Landscaping done for the summer. They have some kind of issue that is want to get behind them. They just want to spend time in their backyard and enjoy it and have family time there and having a well-kept home or they want to look more, you know wealthy or have more luxurious house, you know, peace of mind there’s a lot of different goals and desires that you can kind of determine what your ideal customer is is feeling and this is a great a great way to look at this If you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones’ eyes, then you can sell what Joe Jones buys. So that’s a very good analogy. If you can really figure out get in their mindset of what they’re experiencing, or what they’re wanting what’s driving them. Then you can sell what they’re wanting you can you can be that provider for them.

Create Your Marketing Message

Now you need to craft your message. We now know the who, we know what their pains are. What their desires are. So we have this workbook, inside there is a worksheet in the workbook, you can write on this or you can just take notes and go back to later. You can share this with your team and come up with this but you want to figure out its your unique value proposition. You know, why should anyone do business with you versus the competition and then what benefits do you offer your Target customer Avatar? And this could be multiple ones. You might be doing this multiple times, but what benefits can you offer that’s going to resonate with him. Remember all those things that we just talked about their fears, their pains or desires. What can you do to solve those as your message?

Marketing Message Examples

There are some examples of some messaging that works, you know having great warranties. You will want to specify the years, you know standing by your quotes for a whole year, free estimates, affordable financing, high quality products. And then these are a couple that people always like to see on the best landscaping company in Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona. Trustworthy Crew, The Trusted Landscaping contractor in Phoenix, Arizona. So having those kind of messages, And you want to put these messages front and center and we’re going to talk about that because that then comes down to the media. So by doing that this is the case that you can make before you even talk to somebody before there are even actual true prospect.

Use these marketing messages on your website, on your marketing material on the Flyers on your business cards on your trucks everywhere that you have messages for your for your brand you can put these out there and you a lot of times you are actually making that customer make a decision before they even pick up the phone to talk to you. So money-saving offers, free same-day estimates, always on time leaving your home cleaner than we found it great service guarantee experience and proven track record. Those are all things that are solving some of those fears desires that we talked about. So you want to display those prominently throughout your website and all your marketing material?

So, what’s your message? Anybody come up with a message doing that anybody wanting to share share that message. No, that’s all right. The point is is put it to paper take this back and really think about it and go through this because it’s going to make a difference in your 2021 plan. I promise you.

Getting Your Marketing Message Out With The Right Media

Now that we have the message and we have the Avatar who our ideal client is how you going to get that message out there. I kind of already talked about it briefly but that’s the media and the most important thing is your Hub, which is your website and you want to make sure that is dialed in and converting doesn’t matter where the traffic is coming from where these prospects are coming from could be anything online. Of course, you know social media Facebook YouTube any of those kind of channels can also be Offline marketing right? It could be coming from the door hangers. It could be coming from yard signs, your truck’s, radio, magazines, think about what’s always a call to action on there. They’ll say call me at this number OR visit our website. They’re going to go to your website and you need to make sure that set up to convert. And if it’s not set up to convert your missing opportunity!

Website Set Up To Convert

What is setting up a website to convert? You want to make sure that there’s a very clear phone number we want to make sure it has authenticated images throughout the site you, want to make sure it’s got call to actions and forms and Authority trust symbols. Again, the messaging that we talked about you want that throughout your website reasons to call anything that’s going to solve any of those pain points or desires they’re looking to get like that on their website as well. And again, I’m going to give this to you at the end you’re going to have this this is kind of a template that you can look at to make sure your website’s on point, but it’s becoming a landscaping website converting machine.

That’s the whole goal is, you know, everything that’s coming into your website. If it’s not on point, it’s like a leaky bucket, you know, these things are just dropping right out of out of your website as fast as they’re coming in and you want to make sure you’re capturing those. So is your website set up for conversion again, does it speak to your avatar? All the things that we just kind of talked about that addressing their fears their frustrations. Is it speaking as why they should choose you versus the competitor a lot of times if that message was right. They’re going to stop right there and just contact you versus moving on and research and further to a competitor.

Does it have The authentic images of your team on the homepage or throughout your website? And then this is a key one is video elements. Is there a website welcome video and you have videos about your services on each of your service pages. Are you explaining the process for them? You know with through video. Are you giving them an idea of again why they should contact you versus the competition. Those are all very important videos and we’re going to talk a little bit more about video.

Online Reviews Prominently Displayed

Does your website showcase your online reviews prominently on the homepage and there’s a lot of tools out there just a couple of them Birdeye. Reviewbuzz, our own software which is LeadNurtureClose something needs to be put in place so that your reviews are prominently displayed on your homepage.

Now, does it make sense for them to take action? Is it easy to get in contact with your company? And again, you don’t want to be hiding? Stuff, you know, you’ve taken all this time and energy to get them to your site. You want to make it as easy for them as possible a confused mind doesn’t buy. Steps need to be easy and front and center. So these are some marketing basics that you need to have in order. Your phone phone numbers in the top right corner. And here’s a big one always visible when you scroll through your website if your phone number disappears as I scroll that’s not making it easy for them to contact you right you want to not play hide and seek with your phone number big top right corner for mobile. Make sure it’s clickable or that your your website is responsive and it turns mobile. So that’s easy for them.

Does Your Landscaping Website Have Authority and Creditability

Having credibility and Authority using people that symbols that people are gonna recognize as Authority like, you know, BBB and Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor things that You get to the authority perceived from having those symbols on there and credibility. So you want to make sure those are on your site because that’s going to increase the conversions guarantee it and then an offer to claim is there’s of some kind of offer for them to think whether it’s something free something value a discount. Having an offer I don’t care who it is or people were human nature. We like to have discounts and save money even the most affluent people. We’ll still like they have some kind of offer some kind of discount that they can claim any kind of feel good about so having something like that on your website.

Those are those are some important basis to make sure you have done and then calls to action on every page that speaks to your customer Avatar based on the kind of stuff that we already talked about. It tells them exactly what to do. It’s not just on your homepage if they’re browsing your site where they landed on a different page when they came in. You want to make sure that there’s a clear call to action for them. Take action and make sure that it’s speaking to them based on all those messaging that we that we’ve already kind of addressed.

Website Chat

Then this is a big one. So many people I come across there missing its are you giving him the opportunity to engage via chats? Not everybody’s ready to pick up the phone and call not everybody is wanting to put in their contact information. Sometimes they just want some little questions answered and a lot of times this can help you. You know go through your funnel and make sure that your Dealing with your ideal Avatar, right? Maybe they’re looking for a service that you’re not actually providing and there’s a quick way with save some time and answer the question for them and people want to engage via chat these days. There’s just a huge propensity of having immediate response and just getting a quick question answered without having to give my information and so why leave those opportunities in the dark when there’s a lot of opportunity there?

Marketing automation. Are you leveraging that and SMS text messaging you put those in place and it’s going to maximize lead conversion rates, and we’re going to address that a little bit further here in a few minutes.

Does Your Website Have the 3 Marketing Message Fundamentals In Place?

So pull up your website right now take a look at it. Look at the things that we just kind of talked about. And is your website built to convert? Is there any elements that you’re missing that you need to tweak on it? If you have any that you kind of know offhand. I love to hear it, you know put that in chat. I love to see what you’re kind of looking at discovering from from this few basic elements doesn’t take a lot just pick three, you know three top things that you notice your website is missing because that can change the conversion rate really quick without doing anything else in your in your business.

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