Three Strategies to Gain Followers on Twitter


Twitter is a fantastic social media platform for nearly all brands, but you will need a good plan and strategy to be successful. One of the critical things you need to focus on doing is to gain followers regularly. Therefore, the following article aims to provide some key strategies to achieve your goals.


 1. Post a lot of content

One of the main points about Twitter is you can post a lot of content on the platform. It’s increasingly difficult to post too much because streams move so fast that older updates can be forgotten about very quickly. However, it’s also important to be consistent, so you aren’t posting ten updates one day and only one or two the next.

Twitter can be an enriching platform for those brands that post many daily and weekly updates. Therefore, put a plan together for content to create and post new updates as efficiently as possible. It’s also a good idea to utilize a social media dashboard to ensure you post a consistent number of updates each day and spread them out throughout the day.


  2. Targeted following


There are different opinions on targeted following, and this strategy is more useful for smaller brands without much name recognition. As mentioned, it isn’t easy to achieve much on Twitter if you don’t have enough followers. The idea of targeted following is that you follow select users that may want to follow you back or interact with you.

By following this process, you will gradually increase the number of followers you have over time. The aim here is to gain real followers that are useful to you. Therefore, this is not the same as buying followers, which will result in a lot of low-quality followers. Also, keep in mind this is a long-term process that will not make an immediate impact. Only follow users in small numbers each day; otherwise, Twitter will flag this as suspicious and stop you, and the process becomes counterproductive.


  3. Interaction is key

Many brands make the mistake of merely posting content when using Twitter. The problem with this approach is it implies the business only wants to use social media for a one-way purpose. It’s also not the most effective way to gain followers unless your content gets noticed.

If you want to gain followers, you should look to interact on Twitter as the opportunities open up to do so. Therefore, respond to your content comments to ensure your profile looks active and interact with others’ posts. Remember, an action as simple as liking, retweeting, or commenting can be enough to gain followers. Also, look for opportunities to use your industry experience to help others.


Twitter is a fantastic platform if you know how to use it to benefit your brand. However, it will only work if you can gain followers regularly. Therefore, the preceding article has looked at some key strategies to help your brand grow. Remember to post a lot of content, engage in the targeted following, and interact when opportunities present themselves.


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