In the world of digital marketing, results are what truly matter, and for most companies, results mean a clear increase in their return on investment (ROI). Anyone in the digital marketing industry knows that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimal way to get your website noticed by the search engines, rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and attract more potential clients to your website. However, SEO takes time for tangible evidence of an increased ROI to manifest itself. In the meantime, there is a temporary way to get your website and brand in front of the customers who are looking for you right now: Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC).
Although waiting for organic traffic to increase after investing in a thoroughly planned SEO strategy can be difficult, it is well worth it. In the business world, though, it is sometimes necessary to get a jumpstart on the process in order to stay ahead of the competition. If other landscapers in your area have already invested in SEO for their website, you need a way to keep up with them. This means you need to appear in the search results even though your SEO campaign has not yet finished. While you are waiting for your landscaping website’s optimization to be completed and fully take effect (it may take up to 6 months for Google and other search engines to “crawl” your website and see the updates), you can invest in a short-term advertising campaign that puts your website in the sponsored section of the SERPs. PPC is the perfect way to grab the attention of clients who are looking for your landscaping services now, but you must remember that it should not be your long-term option.

In order to generate leads – those people who are looking to invest in your products or services at the moment – some companies choose to use a marketing technique known as PPC. These are paid promotions whereby each time one of your PPC ads is clicked, you will pay a fee, and a potential client is sent to your website directly. It is important that your PPC ad campaign is crafted for conversions since you are paying a fee for each click that your ad receives. A paid click which simply results in a potential customer bouncing back to the previous website would be a waste of their time and your money, so it is essential that PPC ads are targeted and influential.

When investing in a PPC ad campaign, there is far more research and strategy involved than you may have expected. It is not as simple as slapping together an ad for your landscaping business and hoping it works. To get your ads in front of the right potential clients, you have to know exactly where they are, what they are looking for, and how best to target them to ensure the ad is effective. A generalized PPC ad campaign with a broad audience will either result in you running out of money because of too many false leads and unsubstantiated clicks or your ad being ignored because your audience has seen more ads like this one than they care to remember. For the leads and conversions you want (the objective of a good PPC campaign), you must know who your audience is and where they spend their time online.

Channels such as Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, and social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram can be used for PPC ads. The most critical part of the PPC ad is that it has a specific target who is most interested in your landscaping services. Your ads must include keywords which have been successful throughout your SEO campaigns, copy that is pertinent and straightforward, and links which send potential clients to the right landing page. This will provide you with the best possible chance that they will contact you or complete whatever call to action you are hoping they will take.

The best way to increase traffic to your website and work to convert visitors into actual clients is through expert Search Engine Optimization. However, in the time it takes for SEO to take effect, you may need to invest in a temporary PPC advertising campaign to boost your rankings and get your website in front of the clients who need your landscaping services right now. It is a great method of keeping up with your competition until your website begins to rank and bring your website organic traffic. Contact Landscapers Web Marketers to discuss the best type of PPC advertising campaign for your business as well as all of our digital marketing services including SEO, website design and development, social media management, reputation management, and marketing automation.
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