How to Grow Your Email List


Businesses have been using email lists since the time of the dinosaurs. Perhaps not for that long, but email marketing is a tried-and-true method of increasing revenue by providing your customers with valuable information that helps them meet their goals. The key is to get your new customers to subscribe, sign up, and join your mailing list — which is easier said than done.


New trends in digital marketing

Because of recent social media developments, creating your own list is more important than ever. For digital marketers, the decreasing effectiveness of organic reach on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is especially concerning. The number of people who see and interact with a company’s content without the use of paid distribution is referred to as organic reach. Paid reach is the use of advertisements and promotions to increase traffic to your website.

Even if you have thousands of “likes” and “followers” on these platforms, your new posts will only reach a small proportion of them. Big Tech’s tentacle-like algorithms are constantly groping for more and more money, which means you’ll soon be paying for every eyeball that sees your posts.

In contrast, emailing your own list puts you in command. Instead of being content with the crumbs Big Tech throws at you, your post will reach the intended audience. This audience is familiar with you and is interested in what you have to say. A typical email campaign has a click-through rate of 40%, which is a lot of bang for your buck.

Another critical point: You own your contact list. What do you have with a big tech platform? You’re just a meager tenant working from a rented space on their property. What if the site goes dim? What if you’re kicked off the site? What if they decide to raise the rent? Say sayonara to all the hard work and community you’ve built with your blood, sweat, and years-you’ve got nothing.


Some ideas on how to grow your list

With that said, building a great email list is critical for your business. It’s so important, in fact, that when you get a new shiny customer, your first thought should be, “How do I get this guy on my list?” Here are a few ideas for how to do it without being too pushy.


Email magnets

No, we’re not talking about the cute little deals that cling to your refrigerator, but rather videos and eBooks written with your knowledge of how to help your customers succeed. You have the knowledge and understand the issues that your customers face, so with a little time, you can create one of these packets and give the video or eBook to those who sign up for your list for free.

Writing an e-book or video script can be very rewarding for a business owner. The process simplifies your information (selling points) and is an excellent way to identify potential problems and opportunities.


Online contests

Who doesn’t like the chance to win free stuff? A contest in which clients can win prizes through a random drawing in exchange for joining your email list is an excellent way to increase your contact base. Make sure the prize is appealing enough to attract a large crowd. Perhaps your company’s products and services would be appreciated as a free prize, or maybe a seasonal themed giveaway (free smoked turkey for Thanksgiving or chocolates for Valentine’s Day) would work well, too. 


Complimentary advice (consultation) or follow-up service

Giving new customers free advice or consultation is a great way to get them to sign up for your email list. Most people are hungry for sound advice and having someone check in to ensure that the product or service sold is working properly is always appreciated. Offering a free consultation or checkup a few months after a sale is usually a good time frame, and this extra service is free with your email sign-up.


Special Savings

A promise to provide exclusive savings, coupons, and sales via email campaigns is a good way to entice customers to join your mailing list. Saving money and the exclusivity of the list are powerful inducements for people to join, and it’s also a good way to segment the list by asking people what kinds of offers they are most interested in. A segmented list allows you to tailor your offers and receive a much higher response rate from contacts.


Program for Referral

Provide a referral bonus to clients who provide contact information when signing up for email. This is not only a good way to get people on your list, but it also helps with marketing.


Free clipping service

If your customers sign up for email, you can give them a free clipping service. Joining a clipping service is simple, and for a small fee, they will send you stories and articles relevant to your (and your client’s) interest. Your clients will look forward to your emails because they will have interesting things happening in the industry. This demonstrates your dedication to your clients’ goals and your awareness of trends and events that may have an impact on their businesses.


Give back to the community

Pick a popular charity to fund with dollars from sales, and then keep your clients updated on new developments with the campaign. Even better is to have a specific person or family you are helping in the community to give the campaign a real human dimension. Perhaps select a family in the community who is struggling and needs help or a local kid who needs help with funding for college. Tell your clients you want to keep them updated on the progress with emails so they will sign up.


Feature your employees

Start a series of monthly email articles to get to your employees. Tell about their backgrounds, hometowns, hobbies, interests, and dreams. Get clients to sign up for our email list to get this feature.


Adopt an office dog or cat

Adopt a dog or cat for the office and keep clients updated on what’s going on with the office pet. Have people sign up to get email updates on the new office pet.


Fiver Fridays

Every Friday, choose one of your clients to win a special benefit from a unique service on Fiver has an unusual section where freelancers will do unusual things for $5. An example: For $5, one guy will go to the Grand Canyon and video himself shouting your name or your company name and slogan into the canyon. Clients have to get on the list to get this opportunity.

If you haven’t considered building an email list, now is a great time to start. Using the strategies outlined above, you can easily sign up both current and new clients. Email marketing adds significant value to your company, so start building your list today.

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