10 YouTube Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


Did you know that YouTube has almost 2 billion monthly users? If that fact startled you, then here’s another one to boggle your mind. The total number of internet users is estimated to be around 4.66 billion. So, that means that almost 50% of internet users regularly visit YouTube.

As a small business owner, you might wonder what global statistics like those above mean to you. After all, no one from Adelaide, Australia, is going to bring their car to your auto shop in Kansas for repair. However, you might also like to consider that YouTube is popular across all demographic groups. So, it is a safe bet that someone using YouTube right now is a potential future customer of your business.

So, YouTube has the reach, and the cost of creating videos is not prohibitive. Still, that leaves the burning question of what types of videos you can use to promote a small business on YouTube. Well, here are ten video content marketing ideas that almost any small business could create and post on a YouTube channel.


1. Company Overview

You could start your YouTube channel with something simple, like a short promotional video introducing your business. This video could contain similar content to the about us page on your website. Tell the story of how your company was formed, for example. Explain why you are passionate about your business and what sets you apart from the competition. It will help, of course, to also outline the products or services that your company sells.


2. Introduce the Team

It always helps to put faces to names. So, your next marketing video could be introducing your team. Have your employees present themselves on camera and explain the roles they perform in your business.  And encourage team members to highlight any experience or qualifications they have that are pertinent to the business. Meet that team videos are excellent for personalizing the brand and provide an opportunity to showcase the expertise that exists within a company.


3. How-To Tutorials

Another way to demonstrate your expertise is to create some how-to videos. If you are an electrician, for example, you could explain how to isolate an electrical fault. Or a bakery could explain how to bake bread at home. Don’t worry about showing people how to do what you want them to pay for you to do. Even when people know how to do something, most will still come to a professional to get the work done to the highest standard.


4. Product Tutorials

Product tutorial videos are an excellent way to offer higher levels of customer service. People might need some tips on assembling or using your products, for example. Or perhaps there is a variety of ways your products can be used that need explaining? Product tutorials can reduce the number of customer support calls. And tutorials give prospective customers a better idea of your products and customer service.


5. How It’s Made

People are always interested to learn how things are done. And that wish to learn more applies to service providers, product manufacturers, and professional organizations. So, how it’s made videos are another video marketing opportunity for most businesses. For example, how is a house designed and built? How is an order picked and dispatched from an online store? Or what does a real estate agent do behind the scenes to sell a home? How it is made videos provide an opportunity to demonstrate the skills you possess and the quality of your products. This type of explainer video is also likely to be viewed by people interested in learning more about the product or service you offer.


6. Testimonials / Case Studies

Nothing sells a product or service better than satisfied customers. So, use your YouTube channel to provide the third-party validation of your business that so many people will need to see before they buy. In some industries, case studies highlighting the benefits gained by a customer will be the best format. In others, short interviews with satisfied customers will be the best format. Either way, YouTube is an excellent platform for leveraging the power of social proof.


7. Product Promotion

It is generally best to consider the entertainment value of marketing videos on YouTube. After all, people are more likely to share a video that entertained or educated them. However, you can also post short promotional videos as well.

Promotional videos will back up the other types of content. For example, someone who views a case study might then want to learn more about the product. Promotional videos might also be shared with purchasing influencers. For example, a consumer might ask their partner to check out a product before purchasing. Or a business buyer might share a promotional video with their colleagues. However, it might be best not to fill your channel with only sales-orientated content.


8. A Day in The Life

People love to peek behind the doors and learn more about other people’s lives. After all, that’s why reality TV shows are so popular. So, a day in the life video presents another marketing opportunity for most businesses. But remember, it’s not only the business owner’s day at work the will be of interest to your target audience. Indeed, a day in the life of an apprentice or skilled worker might be more engaging than your own! So, consider what would be more entertaining and informative when selecting a team member to feature. And, of course, consider who will present the business in the best light, too.


9. Behind the Scenes Tour

A behind-the-scenes tour gives people access to the areas of your business they wouldn’t usually see. This type of video might include the production line of a manufacturing company. The warehouse of a distribution business. Or the back office of a professional business. Of course, you must ensure that you don’t film anything that might harm your business on any behind-the-scenes video. And that includes trade secrets, personal details of customers, and any potentially unsafe working practices. So, videos of this nature can take a lot of planning and staging.


10. Webinars, Presentations, and Corporate Events

Finally, you can use YouTube as a catch-up service for the people who could not attend marketing events. The precise format of this type of video will depend on the industry. Videos of this type include webinars, presentations, and footage of corporate events, such as trade shows. This type of content may only be of interest to a relatively small segment of your target audience. Nevertheless, videos of this nature do offer another opportunity to provide insights into your business.



The above is only a handful of the possible topics for marketing video content on YouTube. And there will be variations on the above themes that might better suit your business. However, the crucial takeaway is that every company has material for YouTube video content if you look hard enough.

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