10 Reasons Your Small Business Should be Using Video Marketing


There are so many online marketing opportunities that deciding where to focus marketing efforts can be tricky. The limited resources of small businesses compound this problem. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and you are probably working with a limited marketing budget. However, video marketing is one option that a small business would be ill-advised to ignore.

Video marketing provides an unrivaled way to connect with customers and prospects. Videos are engaging, cost-effective, and can be repurposed many times. What’s more, creating excellent video content is not beyond the reach of a small business. All you need is planning, a decent-quality camera, and a bit of creative flair. If you are still not convinced of the value of video marketing, read on. Here are ten compelling reasons to add video content to your content marketing strategy.


1. More Personal

One of the most significant challenges in marketing is connecting with the target audience. And it’s not easy to make a connection with the written word. On the other hand, videos provide an opportunity to communicate with an audience face to face, if not in person, making video content feel more personal than written content.


2. Builds Trust

When people read text on a page, they have no idea who wrote the words and no way of gauging the writer’s sincerity. That is why face-to-face sales meetings are so valuable. Of course, in-person meetings may be impracticable in many scenarios. But videos can do the same job as face-to-face meetings, building trust by showing the human face behind the words.


3. People Prefer Watching to Reading

In years gone by, the written word was everything. People read books for entertainment and newspapers to keep up with current events. Like it or not, though, visuals have overtaken the written word. Many people would rather watch TV than read a book, for example. And, that trend extends to marketing material, too. Given a choice, most people will watch a video rather than search through a page of text for what they need.


4. Videos Can Explain Anything

Video allows you to use many visual aids to explain things. For example, you can use graphics, animations, real-life demonstrations, and the spoken word. Combining all these tools can make explaining things far easier than in written words alone. Explanations can also be far more impactful. For example, telling someone a 4×4 vehicle can handle any terrain is nowhere near as convincing as showing a 4×4 climb a steep mountainside.


5. Video Engages a Broader Audience

Sometimes, people cannot be bothered to read written content. There may also be people who are vaguely interested in your products or service, but not enough to spend any time reading advertisements or blog posts. Video content takes little effort to view, though, so it can reach people without the time or inclination to read written content.


6. Encourages Social Shares

You will find that people share videos far more often than they share other types of content. That is especially true if the video is funny or reveals little-known exciting facts. Shared content increases brand awareness and traffic to a website, and it helps search engine optimization (SEO).


7. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Most website visits now come from mobile devices, and mobile users love videos. Videos are easy to watch on the go, and you can pause them and come back to them later. Short videos can also be viewed while you are waiting for a bus, on a coffee break, or killing a few minutes of free time. So, if you want to reach millions of mobile users, video is the best content format.


8. Increases Engagement

Videos are more engaging than other forms of content. Consequently, people will dwell longer on a website page with an embedded video. That improves website metrics which, in turn, can improve search engine rankings. More crucially, people who watch an entire marketing video will see the whole sales message and be more likely to make a purchase.


9. Higher Conversion Rates

The most compelling reason to use video marketing is that it increases conversions. In a video, you can show how a product works, demonstrate it in use, and explain the benefits of the item. Indeed, according to statistics published by business2community.com, you can expect to see up to an 80% increase in conversions if you add an explainer video to a landing page.


10. Cost-Effective

The initial cost of a professionally produced marketing video might be higher than other types of marketing materials. Still, the return on investment is significantly higher, too. And marketing videos can be repurposed and have a long useful life. And, of course, if you have the equipment and the flair, you can produce homemade video content. So, overall, most marketers agree that video marketing is a cost-effective way to generate leads and sales.


Video marketing is a cost-effective way to increase sales. A professionally produced marketing video will only cost a few thousand dollars, putting it in the reach of small businesses. And, for that relatively small investment, you will get a valuable marketing resource that can be used on your website, social media platforms, and email marketing campaigns.

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