Ways to Communicate with and Win Back Unhappy Customers


In business marketing and management, customer growth is one of the most important factors to prioritize. One of the most common challenges for businesses is losing out on unhappy customers with a recent experience. While there is no quick fix to a customer relationship, you can add adjustments and incremental solutions to build up a more positive relationship with unhappy customers. Here are several ways to turn unhappy customers around and convert them into loyal patrons of your business in the long term.


Find the Source of the Problem 

Many business owners disregard the obvious step to check on what issue or concern, in particular, is making the customer unhappy. Instead of immediately reaching out with an apology, recognize what you have to apologize for in the first place. By addressing the customer’s concern directly and displaying an understanding of what has made them concerned, you can start to work on the solution immediately. Customers will appreciate responsive action more than simple, scripted statements. The first part of your response plan should offer a solution right away and get that information to the customer as soon as possible.

When you determine why the customer is unhappy, you can assess the root source of the problem. Whether it is a miscommunication or error with software or technology, it is best to acknowledge the problem right away. Outline with your team to prevent such a problem in the future, so new customers do not experience the same issue. By responding quickly to the customer with an understanding of the origin of the problem, you can improve your chances of recovering them and showing that you appreciate their feedback.


Have a Referral Network Available 

Even if a customer does not return to use your products or services, you can refer your network to that customer to show that you still prioritize their interests. In addition, you are providing them with some form of a solution that can leave a good impression. If you demonstrate that you still have their interests in mind, then you leave the door open for the customer to reconsider using your products or services in the future.


Be Trusting with Your Language 

To convince a customer to return to your business, use language that expresses genuine trust and concern. If it appears that your words are insincere, then most customers can detect that right away. When you send your message out to customers, make sure genuine sincerity is expressed behind your words and body language. This is not always the easiest action to perform, but it can help you remain composed and collected when responding to customer concerns.


Provide a Direct Next Step 

A solution to the problem that is delivered promptly can be music to many customers’ ears. You can also reinforce your solution with an incentive that can spur customers to make a decision. The incentive does not necessarily have to be a gift or discount but even a referral to another service provider. The idea is more than just winning back the customer, displaying a sense of sincerity, and conveying trust. These things can go a long way towards helping the customer fulfill their needs and giving them a reason to re-consider you in the future.


Maximize the Team 

Customer service issues are handled the most adequately by a team adapted to resolving them. If you are a supervisor and often find yourself on the frontlines of customer issues and frustrations, something may be amiss on the sales floor. The more you can prepare your front desk and sales team to handle customer issues on the spot, the better their experience will be. By doing these practices consistently, customers are more likely to re-consider you in the long term. With this knowledge, make an effort to provide early training opportunities for your team to adapt to customer concerns and work on solutions right away.


Create an Outreach Program 

Your sales team can benefit by having a campaign dedicated to reaching out to disgruntled or unhappy customers. This can be a newsletter campaign or a social media initiative that reaches everyone. Let customers know that you care about them and constantly have their interests in mind. Communicate often with these customers through constant campaigns and show genuine effort to earn back their business. You can use these communication channels to present promotions, incentives, price breaks, and other messages to address your customers’ concerns. If your sales representatives can successfully win back the customer, then be sure to reward them for their efforts as well.


In the business’s day-to-day operations, it is important to value the longevity of customers and their loyalty over time. Having an unhappy customer can be of the biggest challenges to growth. This is why it is important to have the means to reach out to these customers and earn back their business and loyalty. By incorporating the aforementioned strategies, you can take significant steps towards helping these customers and giving them a good reason to re-consider you in the long term. As you work with your team to direct your business strategy, consider reviewing these steps to reach out to unhappy customers as well.

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