Urgent Google Business Profile Update: Transition to a New Website Before It’s Too Late!

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As a business owner, staying ahead of digital transformations is not just a necessity but a strategy to ensure continuous growth and customer satisfaction. A recent announcement by Google has brought to light a significant change that requires immediate attention and action from businesses using Google Business Profile (GMB) websites.

The Big Change: Google Business Profile Websites are Shutting Down

Google has declared that in March 2024, all Google Business Profile websites will be discontinued. This change is not just a minor update; it’s a pivotal shift that demands a proactive approach from business owners.

What Happens Post-Shutdown?

Post-shutdown, there will be a temporary solution in place. Users attempting to access these GMB websites will be redirected to the corresponding Google Business Profile. However, this is a temporary fix and is set to last only until June 10, 2024.

The Real Challenge Begins After June 10, 2024

The redirection is a short-term relief. The real challenge emerges after June 10, 2024, when the redirection ceases. This poses two significant risks for businesses:

  1. Loss of Potential Leads: Your digital storefront, the GMB website, will no longer function. Potential customers will face a dead-end, and the chance of converting these leads will diminish.
  2. Degraded User Experience for Existing Customers: Customers familiar with your GMB website will encounter disruption. This change can lead to frustration and a perceived lack of professionalism, affecting your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

The Call to Action: Don’t Just Migrate, Innovate!

This isn’t just a call to migrate; it’s an opportunity to innovate and revitalize your online presence. Here’s what you can do:

1. Evaluate Your Options:

Explore different platforms and website builders. Look for features that align with your business needs, such as e-commerce capabilities, appointment scheduling, and customer relationship management.

2. Design with Your Audience in Mind:

Create a website that reflects your brand and resonates with your audience. Ensure it’s user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and optimized for search engines.

3. Seamless Transition:

Migrate your content thoughtfully. Ensure all SEO efforts, like backlinks and keyword rankings, are preserved during the transition.

4. Communicate the Change:

Inform your customers about the change proactively. Use email campaigns, social media, and your old GMB website to guide your customers to your new website.

5. Monitor and Adapt:

After the transition, closely monitor your new website’s performance. Gather customer feedback and be ready to make adjustments to enhance their experience.


The discontinuation of Google Business Profile websites is a wake-up call for businesses to level up their digital strategy. It’s an opportunity to not just migrate, but to innovate and enhance your online presence. Embrace this change as a stepping stone to showcase your business’s resilience and commitment to providing the best customer experience. Act now, seize this opportunity, and ensure your business shines brighter than ever in the digital landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates and tips on navigating digital transformations in your business. If you have any questions or need assistance with migrating your website, feel free to reach out to Lead Nurture Close for expert guidance and support.

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