10 Content Ideas to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page


The best way to increase Facebook engagement is to post engaging content that your audience will enjoy. However, coming up with fresh ideas can be challenging. So, if your Facebook business page is looking neglected, read on. Here are 10 Facebook content ideas to increase engagement on your business page.


1. Tell Stories

Too much promotional content makes a Facebook business page dull. Branch out and tell some of the stories that your audience will love to read. How did you get started in business, for example? What good causes do you support? Or perhaps some of your employees have a tale they could tell? Getting personal is an excellent way of connecting with an audience. And if your story resonates with enough people, your post might even appear on the Facebook newsfeed.


2. Go Behind the Scenes

Yes, you probably will have read this tip before. But have you followed up on this little gem of a content idea? People love to take a peek behind the scenes. So, consider posting some insider views of your business on Facebook. There are many potential topics for this type of post. You could explain how your product is made, for example. Or, how about introducing some of the backroom team to your customers. Bloopers and fails always go down well, too, so long as they don’t reflect poorly on your brand.


3. Creative Product Photos

Filling your Facebook book page with product advertisements is not such a good idea. However, if you can place your products in interesting situations, that can make an excellent Facebook post. Creative product photos can also be used on Instagram. Consider how you could artistically present your products. Or reach out to customers to see if they have any unusual photos of your products in use. Creative product photos provide a way of showcasing your products in an entertaining, non-promotional way.


4. Infographics

Infographics frequently get shared and are suitable content for your website and social media accounts. The time taken to create an infographic will be time well spent. You could make a graphical representation of market trends in your business. Or you could post a relevant tips infographic. When thinking about topics for infographics, consider what’s most likely to be shared. If you create a branded graphic that people value, your brand name could be shared on many websites and social media profiles.


5. Ask Questions

There is no better way to get a response from an audience than to ask a question. For example, you could ask your customers what product enhancements they would like to see. Or you could ask for comments on a particular development in your industry. Answers to your questions might be left in the comments section. Or you could pose the question as a user poll or survey.


6. Videos

Millions of videos are viewed on Facebook every day. And Facebook is so keen on videos that it has a dedicated video sharing page, Facebook Watch. Consider tapping into that massive potential by creating informative and entertaining video content relevant to your product or niche. You could take the behind-the-scenes idea mentioned above and turn that into a video. Quick-win videos, short videos providing valuable tips and advice, generally work well on Facebook.


7. Create and Share Events

Creating and sharing company events is an excellent way to increase engagement on Facebook. You could set up virtual events, such as webinars, online sales, and live question-and-answer sessions. And local businesses can promote physical events such as store openings or open days.


8. Follow Current Trends

Posting content related to current trends is likely to gain you more comments. And posts on trending topics are also more likely to appear in Facebook users’ feeds. Keep up with the trends in your industry and current national or local issues. And then post your comments, thoughts, or advice on the things currently on people’s minds.


9. Share Blog Posts

Sharing blog posts on Facebook is not a new idea. Indeed, most social media sites are a perfect platform for promoting content.

However, merely posting a link to each new piece of content is a bit old hat. And posting the same content across all platforms is not the best approach to social media platforms.

So, when you post links to new blog posts on Facebook, add a unique description of your constant. Sell the benefits of the content, and you will get more traffic to your website.


10. Share Other People’s Content

Finally, sharing other people’s content can increase engagement and win you some friends. Share engaging and helpful content related to your industry that your audience will value. Be careful not to exclusively share other people’s content, though. It’s better to create original material than rely solely on other people’s efforts.

Creating fresh content for Facebook can at first appear daunting. However, when you take the time to consider all of the above options, you will see that there are plenty of ways to deliver something new. And don’t forget that you can repurpose content by using alternate formats. A blog post, for example, could provide the basis for a video or infographic.


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